Getting Back To Basics

Corporations obviously believe in the fundamental concept of re-inventing themselves to become more effective in reaching their customers. Even the mighty Coca-Cola Company has done it multiple times… some of those efforts flopped, but some of them were very successful too. The ideas of re-tooling, re-purposing, and re-energizing are not new at all, but sometimes re-inventing is more about “getting back to basics” than it is about the “latest greatest new and snazzy”!

In-order to “get back to the basics” for your organization, you will need to:

  1. Identify and/or  know what your fundamental beliefs are
  2. Determine where you are today
  3. Identify what the gaps are between those two positions
  4. Devise a strategy on how to get from “where you are” to “where you want to be”
  5. Map out tactical steps that are aligned to the strategy
  6. Start executing the tactics and strategy
  7. Be prepared for things to go wrong and compensate the tactics and strategy as needed
  8. Dont’ do it alone… the more “buy-in” you have before you start the better!
Re-inventing an organization is a lot like taking a root bound tree out of a pot and planting it in the ground… your not changing the fundamentals of what the tree is, your just making sure it has room to grow! If you don’t transplant it it will eventually die… if you transplant it… it might die! So you must be willing to “transplant it with care” by having a good plan and strategy to do it. When you transplant a tree it will always go into some shock, and sometimes the tree will not survive… but if it does it will thrive!
Last but not least… “Getting Back To Basics” is not a demobilization or dismantling of what is already in place. People will need to be reminded of this fact continuously to avoid un-needed churn and distractions!